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Be Someone’s Hero. Give Blood.

Jeff – Wilmington, Delaware

Jeff Miller discovered his anemia after his first blood donation deferral. His physician suspected an iron deficiency and recommended Jeff take supplements. However, a second blood donation deferral showed his anemia wasn’t resolving. Further investigation by Jeff’s care team revealed his condition was caused by a tumor that needed to be surgically removed.

On April 29th, 2016, Jeff experienced complications during his operation. Jeff bled excessively and doctors used seven pints of blood during the procedure to help keep him alive.  The Miller family is grateful the blood was there when Jeff needed it.  Jeff’s wife Chris explained, “I hadn’t thought he would need transfusions during the operation. It shows you never know when you’ll rely on a blood donation.”

Donating blood alerted Jeff of his health problem and donated blood helped save him during his procedure. Chris donates often to show her gratitude for the blood donors who aided her husband and Jeff plans to donate again once his physician clears him. The Miller family implores other community members to start giving back too because patients, doctors, and hospitals rely on it!