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Be Someone’s Hero. Give Blood.

Members for Life

Welcome to the new Members for Life (MFL) program! It is an ever-growing, flexible program designed to show our donors appreciation for the generous gift of life they give. The plan will continually have new elements added based on various factors, including input from our donors like you! Please continue to check back to see what’s new!

Accessing the MFL Donor Portal

Many of your benefits, as well as your points and Reward Store access will be found in the MFL Donor Portal. If you have scheduled an appointment online, you can access the benefits and rewards store using your existing account. Simply log in here  using your information and your Donor ID number from your MFL Membership Card and click on the tab you are looking for (i.e. Rewards Store).

If you do not schedule online, access the MFL Donor Portal here and create an account using your basic information and your Donor ID number from your MFL Membership Card.

MFL Benefits

Each time you give blood or platelets, you receive valuable Health & Wellness benefits, which include:

  • Prescription Savings Program—included on your new Members for Life card. The program can help lower your out-of-pocket prescription drug costs at a network of retail pharmacies nationwide. Click here to search for pharmacy savings on your prescriptions today! Some restrictions may apply.
  • Personalized Members for Life card featuring your blood type. If you donated within the last two years, you should have received this card in the mail. If you have not already received a card, you will receive a card after your next blood or blood product donation with BBD.
  • Wellness Check—all donors will have the following tests performed before every donation
    • Hemoglobin—Hemoglobin is a substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body tissues where it picks up carbon dioxide (a cellular waste product) and transports it to the lungs for elimination. A deficiency of hemoglobin caused by a lack of iron can lead to anemia and an inadequate delivery of oxygen to the tissues.
    • Blood Pressure—High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the most common heart disease risk factor. Early detection and taking steps to control your blood pressure can reduce your risk of heart disease.
    • Temperature—An increased body temperature, or fever, from the “normal” 98.6°F is often a good clinical indication of possible infection. In the early stages of an infection, you may have an elevated body temperature in the absence of any other symptoms.
    • Pulse—One way to help prevent stroke is by taking your pulse to determine if your heartbeat is regular or very irregular.
  • Health History – the results of the Wellness Check above will be available online in MFL Donor Portal in 2015, so be sure to check backl.
  • Glucose screening-results now shown in Health History by clicking here.

Points & Rewards

Did you know you can give whole blood every 56 days, double red cells every 112 days and platelets every two weeks? You can be a hero in your own community, save up to three lives each time you give and earn points for each donation!

During different times of specific need, you will have the opportunity to earn bonus points as well.

Here are the points you earn when you give!

  • Whole Blood
    100 points
  • Fresh Whole Blood
    100 points
  • Double Red Blood Cells
    200 points
  • Red Cell Plasma
    200 points
  • Platelets
    Single: 200 points
    Double & Triple: 400 points

Once you accumulate points, you can redeem them for various items in the Rewards Store  or you can donate your points back to BBD. When you donate the points back, it results in a cost savings to the organization and the savings can be used in other areas to help ensure a safe and sufficient blood supply for our community.

When you redeem an item online, you should receive your item within six to eight weeks.

Points expire after 24 months of inactivity.


If you have any questions regarding your points or an item you ordered, please call 1 888 8-BLOOD-8.

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions here.