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Be Someone’s Hero. Give Blood.


Catherine – Newark, Delaware

Scott Hicks received many blood transfusions as he battled Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009 (cancer of the lymphatic system). Transfusions are important for cancer patients because radiation, chemotherapy treatments, and treatment-related surgeries fight cancer but also harm healthy blood counts. Patients may experience fatigue, excessive bleeding, or bruising from reduced red cell and platelet counts. Blood […]

Jeff – Wilmington, Delaware

Jeff Miller discovered his anemia after his first blood donation deferral. His physician suspected an iron deficiency and recommended Jeff take supplements. However, a second blood donation deferral showed his anemia wasn’t resolving. Further investigation by Jeff’s care team revealed his condition was caused by a tumor that needed to be surgically removed. On April […]

Amy – New Castle, Delaware

A driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel hit Amy Blackthorn of New Castle, DE during her commute home. Emergency responders cut Amy from her vehicle and she was flown to Christiana hospital. There, she underwent a ten hour long surgery and received many blood transfusions to save her life. Amy is grateful the […]

Dwight – Claymont, Delaware

Dwight of Claymont, Delaware, began donating platelets in 1995 to continue a family tradition, unaware of how his family’s involvement would come full circle. “My dad had always been a platelet donor, so it felt natural to me,” he explained. “I did it because I felt I was helping people; I always like to help.” At […]

Jenn – Middletown, Delaware

“I received a blood transfusion when I gave birth to my first daughter, and it saved my life,” said Jenn Boileau of Middletown. After a generally normal pregnancy, a delivery which began fairly well on Dec. 21, 2002, took a dramatic turn. Jenn’s labor became extremely difficult and prolonged. Her baby, Taylor, was very large, […]

Gwen – Milford, Delaware

Gwen Guerke of Milford has donated platelets for 16 years. “My son Danny had leukemia. He died from it,” she explained. “He was at Hahnemann University Hospital. At the time I didn’t know that leukemia patients use platelets. They had a small donation room right there where I could donate. I had never even donated […]

Matthew – Wilmington, Delaware

In December 2002, 20-year-old Matthew Jenkins felt a lump on his neck, but he wasn’t too concerned. “That was a Saturday,” he said. “I didn’t feel it the day before, but it was about the size of a walnut.” That Monday Jenkins went to his physician, who prescribed an antibiotic and told him to keep […]

Taylor, 17 – New Castle, Delaware

Taylor, a 17-year-old junior at William Penn High School in New Castle, DE, has a very personal motivation for giving blood. “I had a brother who passed away when I was five. He had a rare brain cancer and died when he was only 17 months old,” says Taylor. “He had two brain surgeries in […]

Jonathan – Elkton, Maryland

Jonathan W. of Elkton, MD has been a regular platelet donor for several years. It is something he has always believed is the right thing to do. In October 2011, the need for donors like himself truly hit home. Jonathan’s four-year-old son Gage was diagnosed with portal hypertension, a serious and potentially fatal condition caused […]

Wyzhir, 17 – Mardela Springs, Maryland

On Christmas Eve 2010, Wyzhir Johnson was cutting a strip of molding with a miter saw when the holiday turned from festive to frantic. With a sudden slip, Wyzhir instantly lost his left hand just above the wrist.  He was flown to a trauma center and immediately taken into surgery around 1 a.m. Christmas morning.  […]