Blood Bank of Delmarva’s QuickPass is a simple and convenient way to complete your health history questionnaire online on the day of your donation.  

Before you begin, please note that QuickPass:

  • Is compatible with most internet browsers and mobile devices.  If you experience technical difficulties, try another device or answer the questions when you arrive at the donation site.
  • Must be completed on the day of your donation, as responses are only valid that day.  Questions should be answered honestly and accurately in a private setting without input from anyone else.
  • Is confidential.   Your responses are contained within the barcode on your QuickPass.  The barcode is scanned when you present for donation and the responses are then available for review.
  • Does not allow you to save and return later to complete it.  It must be completed in one sitting and takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • Does not save answers.  Your responses are not stored online; therefore, you must present your QuickPass at the time of donation.
  • Does not determine eligibility.   The staff will review your health history at the time of donation.

If you are unsure of how to answer a question, please skip it.

There may be circumstances where your QuickPass cannot be used and you may be asked to complete the questionnaire again at the donation site.