Who is eligible to make Low Titer Type O Whole Blood donations?

Type O male donors, Type O female donors who have never been pregnant, and Type O female donors who test negative for HLA antibodies and have not been pregnant since testing are eligible to donate. These are key factors in ensuring that the blood is safe for transfusion in addition to the normal eligibility requirements for blood donation.  

Why is Low Titer Type O Whole Blood important?

Low Titer Type O Whole Blood products are important because they are used in trauma situations which can expedite treatment, lead to better overall outcomes, and reduce the risk of a reaction occurring. Most whole blood donations are further manufactured into red blood cell and plasma components. These donations are unique in the sense that unit will remain as a whole blood product for transfusion.

Low Titer Type O Whole Blood means the complete product contains Type O red blood cells and plasma containing low levels of antibodies making it safe to transfuse to a patient with any blood type. There are Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies present in the plasma of type O donors. In Low Titer Type O Whole Blood products, the antibodies are tested to be at low, safe levels.

This product has proven advantages to save lives in emergency trauma settings..

Who uses Low Titer Type O Whole Blood?

Low Titer Type O Whole blood is most commonly used in trauma settings where massive blood loss has occurred, such as hospital emergency rooms.  

The Low Titer Type O Whole Blood program was first implemented by the military because of the need for safe and immediate blood transfusions in the field. This program has shown advantages to also be used in the civilian world by providing whole blood for use in trauma situations. Around the country Low Titer Type O Whole Blood is also being stored on helicopters and first responder vehicles, as well as emergency rooms, to provide immediate care to trauma victims. 

How is your antibody titer status determined?

Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies are tested in our laboratory each donation to determine if the individual blood product contains a low titer of ABO antibodies.

How often can you donate?

The donation interval is the same as a regular whole blood donation – 56 days.

How do you become part of this program?

Schedule your appointment to donate and ask to see if you are eligible to donate as part of the Low Titer Type O Whole Blood program.

Currently, this type of donation is only available at our Christiana Donor Center.