Director of Laboratories Kristin Frederick hands a cooler of whole blood to Sussex County EMS Training Coordinator Jordan Dattoli.

DELMARVA – Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD) today announced a new program that will give paramedics in New Castle and Sussex Counties the ability to provide blood transfusions to patients in need who are en route to the hospital. There are many benefits to replacing volume loss with whole blood when there is significant bleeding to increase the chance of survival after a trauma event.

The whole blood products carried on EMS Supervisor vehicles will be Low Titer Type O Positive. This product type allows for safe transfusion to any patient, regardless of blood type. Four units of blood will be deployed at all times within the state, two in northern Delaware and two in southern Delaware. BBD supported the EMS teams, validating the overall process, from temperature monitoring to equipment qualification.

“In an emergency, every second counts. Providing patients with pre-hospital whole blood will surely save lives,” said BBD Director of Laboratories Kristin Frederick. “We are proud to work with the State of Delaware and the EMS divisions of New Castle County and Sussex County on this new initiative. The success of this program is due to years of advocacy from the state of Delaware EMS paramedics.

“It’s great that we are implementing this lifesaving resource. Now, we need the community’s support to continue to donate blood to keep whole blood in the field,” she added. “Rise up and do something bold this summer. Donate blood.”

On Monday, Sussex County EMS Medical Director Dr. Paul Cowan, Training Coordinator Jordan Dattoli and Manager of Quality and Standards John Wright traveled north to donate their O positive blood to the program on Monday at BBD’s Christiana donor center. Director Robert Murray accompanied the EMS squad of donors.

“Something we have learned in the field for the last several decades is that the highest performing EMS departments have the capability to administer blood transfusions while on the way to the hospital,” Director Murray said. “Today, we join those departments with this new cutting-edge technology. For the last two years, we have worked with the Blood Bank of Delmarva to research the potential capabilities of this program and we’re thrilled that it is now a reality. We’re grateful to our elected officials who supported this program and to BBD for everything they do to save lives.”

On Wednesday, the New Castle County Emergency Medical Services Division held a press conference to announce the new program as well.

“New Castle County Emergency Medical Services continues to ensure we are implementing the most effective treatments in the care of our patients. The ability to administer whole blood in the field will be a game changer when treating those who are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding, as there is no substitute for blood,” New Castle County EMS Chief Mark R. Logemann said. “We are grateful for the support we have received from New Castle County Government, the State of Delaware Division of Public Health – Office of Emergency Medical Services, and the Blood Bank of Delmarva who have helped bring this to fruition.”

Blood Bank of Delmarva Director of Laboratories Kristin Frederick takes a picture with New Castle County EMS Assistant Chief Christopher Johnson and Captain Kelli Starr-Leach
New Castle County EMS picks up their low titer O positive whole blood at the Blood Bank of Delmarva.
Blood Bank of Delmarva and Sussex County EMS leaders celebrate the launch of this new initiative.
Sussex County EMS Training Coordinator Jordan Dattoli, Director Robert Murray, Medical Director Dr. Paul Cowan and Quality Manager John Wright came to the Christiana Donor Center Monday.
BBD Hospital Services Manager Jessica Camponelli, Director of Laboratories Kristin Frederick and Vice President Emily Cunningham thank Jordan Dattoli and John Wright for donating blood.
Blood Bank of Delmarva Director of Laboratories Kristin Frederick urges the community to donate blood to support the new EMS initiative.