MILTON, Del. – Day 2 of the Blood for a Brew Summer Tour stop at Dogfish Head Brewery was even better than Day 1 as 58 appointments were filled on Wednesday, August 30.

That surpassed the 50 appointments the day before, keeping Dogfish as one of the top performers of the third annual Blood for a Brew tour.

That made Account Manager Ralph Groves happy. That goes for Director, Donor Services Nicole Pineault as well.

Among the donors coming to Dogfish Head on Wednesday were the mother-daughter tandem of Sheila Greenwood and Patricia Greenwood.

“I did my high school blood drive, but it’s been a while,” Patricia said. “At work we do volunteer hours, and they’re giving me four hours off for this. And Mom is jazzed about the T-shirts.”

“I’m A negative so I get called a lot,” Sheila added.

Afterward, Sheila and Patricia patronized the busy Dogfish Head Brewery for lunch.

Speaking of Dogfish Head, it would not be a successful drive without the employees and such was the case at the second blood drive. That includes employees Kim McGuire and Mike Boehm. This was the first time Mike donated with us, while this was the third straight summer that Kim donated with us, all at Dogfish Head.

“You can’t beat the convenience,” she said.

Added Mike, “In the past, I’ve been fully booked. So, this is the first time I’ve been able to donate.”

John Robinson signed up to donate blood on Wednesday after he saw WRDE Coast TV’s segment about it the day before.

“My parents live a mile away [from Dogfish Head],” he said. “We saw it on the news. I haven’t given blood since college.

Special thanks to Director, Supervisor, Collections Chelsea Akers, Bloodmobile Driver John Toll and Blood Collection Techs Akyra Boswell, Toni Ruggiero, Alexa Ciriano, Tee Ramos and Peyton Brown.

And a big thank you goes to the Blood for a Brew sponsor, TD Bank.