MILTON, Del. – The third annual Blood for a Brew Summer Tour got started in splendid fashion as the drive held on M5 outside of Revelation Beer Garden at Hudson Fields booked 45 appointments, with only one no show, on Thursday, May 18.

Jeff Hudson and his fiancée Amy Tuer donated Revelation Beer Garden at Hudson Fields for the Blood for a Brew Summer Tour Kickoff.

The good omen was parallel to last year’s opening draw that had 36 appointments and 36 sticks.

Also similar to the first two years was the fact that Blood for Brew has attracted younger donors once again, including Jeff Hudson and fiancée Amy Tuer. It was Amy’s idea to donate on Thursday. She a nurse in the ChristianaCare system.

We also saw regular donors like Jim Cavanaugh, who returned this year after participating in Blood for a Brew in the past.

And there was John Koisa who some time ago talked his wife, Cathy, into donating blood. Now they are both regular donors who enjoy saving lives.

It was also delightful to meet new donors Karen Kramer and Cynthia Sheffer, who recently learned about the Blood Bank of Delmarva. They are relatively new to Sussex County, Delaware and were looking for a place to donate blood. Luckily, they found us just in time for the Blood for a Brew Summer Kickoff.

Thank you to everyone who came out.

We also want to thank the hard work of Supervisor, Collections Madeline Hernandez and her staff of Bloodmobile Driver John Toll and Blood Collection Techs Adrea Haughton, Akyra Boswell and Shanae Roberts. They kept it together on a blood drive was nonstop busy.

Congratulations, also to Account Manager Ralph Groves, who made Director, Donor Resources Nicole Pineault happy by meeting goal for the first Blood for a Brew opening drive once again.

Last, but not least, we would also be remiss if we did not mention the work of Vice President Emily Cunningham and Director, Donor/Product Services (North) Megan Johnson. Emily and Megan arrived early for the summer kickoff evening ceremonies, and they got to work. Emily handed out T-shirts and refreshments in the canteen, while Megan managed the flow of donors entering the bloodmobile outside.

Thank you to donors and staff alike for getting summer off to a great start.