ASTON, Pa. – Last weekend, we continued to see donors coming back to the fabled Blood for a Brew Summer Tour.

We just needed to see a few more of them.

We scratched and clawed our way to 11 appointments at 2SP in Aston, Pennsylvania on Friday, August 4, latest stop in the third annual Blood for a Brew Tour. On the following day, Blood Bank of Delmarva Account Manager Mary Moore’s draw was twice as good with 23 appointments made at 5th Company Brewing in Perrryville, Maryland on Saturday, August 5.

2SP, parent company of Two Stones Pub, had previously filled up 31 appointments on July 28 in Wilmington, and 15 appointments on July 21 in Newark as part of the Blood for a Brew Summer Tour.

The latest draw on Friday at 2SP brewing headquarters saw three familiar faces, namely 2SP part-owner Ben Muse and 2SP customers Bill Burke and John Kolicius. All donated last year in this same location.

“I love 2SP and I always donated in high school,” Bill said. “It never really bothered me, so. It’s two awesome places at once [2SP and Blood Bank of Delmarva].”

The drive also brought out a few newcomers, including whole blood donor Courtenay Brandt.

“I actually got my regular call to donate and I said, what’s the closest?” Courtenay said. “I am a patron of 2SP and I was like, there’s a blood drive there? Sure, I’ll go.”

We appreciated every single donor who showed up in the midst of the dog days of summer, a trying period for collections indeed.

“It’s been a tough summer, but we’re all hanging in there,” BBD and Rhode Island Blood Center Director, Donor Services Nicole Pineault said. “We’ll do better moving forward.”

BBD Vice President Emily Cunningham convened a meeting to brainstorm ideas of how to bring in more donors on the morning of Monday, August 7. Emily and BBD leadership will finalize those ideas this week and next. More information to come.

Two Stones Pub has one more summer blood drive scheduled for 1-6 p.m. Friday, August 11 at 2SP in its Middletown, Delaware location.