STANTON, Del. – Dole Fresh Fruit Company celebrated National Pineapple Day on Tuesday, June 27 at the Blood Bank of Delmarva Christiana Donor Center, where Dole gave “the fruit of kings” to donors, staff and volunteers.

“Dole has been growing pineapples for the US for nearly 125 years, so of course, we are celebrating National Pineapple Day across the country,” said Nelson Montoya, President of Dole Fresh Fruit North America. “But we can’t forget that we are also part of local communities in and around our ports, offices, and other facilities where our associates, partners and families live. With the Pine for a Pint we can recognize the holiday and do good for the people around us.”

To recognize the holiday, Dole Fresh Fruit Company out of the Port of Wilmington, Delaware partnered with Blood Bank of Delmarva near Newark, Delaware for the “Pine for a Pint” initiative. Dole encouraged local citizens to donate blood to keep local hospitals stocked with the much-needed blood products they need for patients on daily basis.

Similar to elsewhere in the country, Dole representatives passed out free, iconic DOLE® Pineapples to those that give life-saving blood, not to mention staff and volunteers, at BBD’s Christina Donor Center. It was a powerful way to give back to the community, in more ways than one.

Donors, staff and volunteers alike were delighted with Dole’s visit and appreciated the grand gesture on National Pineapple Day. Thank you, Dole Co., for your generosity!

We had a total of 108 donors scheduled for National Pineapple Day in the Christina a Donor Center on Tuesday. That translated into 99 donors, minus no shows and a few deferrals.

Blood Bank of Delmarva Vice President Emily Cunningham thanked Dole representatives, including Damon Eccleston, Angela Schulze, Megan Fitzgerald, Christina Dobies and Krissy Christian as well as Jen Pavlov and Neil Farber for the presence of Penelope the Pineapple mascot.

Special thanks to Emily, Director, Donor/Product Services Megan Johnson, Manager, Facilities Chuck Needles, Manager, Logistics Kate Blevins, Community Relations and Volunteer Specialist Angela Williamson, Marketing Coordinator Sharon Brunell and Maintenance Tech Bill Crowe for all their support and assistance in hosting Dole Fresh Fruit Co. for National Pineapple Day.

And special thanks to all Christiana associates who wore their 2019 Summer Blood Drive T-shirts and other BBD shirts.