DAGSBORO, Del. – The Blood Bank of Delmarva’s Dagsboro Donor Center has a strong volunteer corps and that is thanks in large part to co-volunteer leads Michelle Slafkosky and Karen Logue.

Michelle Slafkosky works with volunteer Donna Cochran and Community Relations and Volunteer Specialist Angela Williamson in the Dagsboro Donor Center.

Michelle and Karen both bring unique talents and experience in healthcare that make them imminently qualified to serve as co-lead volunteers for BBD. In addition, they enjoy interacting with people and teaching others to be good volunteers, who are an essential part of Blood Bank of Delmarva operations.

In the spirit of National Volunteer Month, we caught up to Karen and Michelle for a Q & A this April.

“I love having both of these volunteers highlighted!” Volunteer and Community Relations Specialist Angela Williamson said. “Dagsboro has a strong volunteer corps thanks to the efforts of Karen and Michelle.” 

Lead Volunteer Karen Logue watches over donors in the Dagsboro Donor Center canteen.

Angela reports to Director, Donor Resources Nicole Pineault, who also appreciates our volunteers.

“Michelle and Karen and all the volunteers are an important part of the donor experience,” she said. “They really make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.”

We appreciate Michelle and Karen taking the time to speak with us.

Q When did you start with BBD?

Michelle: December 2021

Karen: I started to volunteer with BBD in October 2021.

Q Are you retired? Where from?

Michelle: I’m retired. I managed a Volunteer Services office in a hospital before retirement.

Karen: I worked for 46 years as an X-ray Technologist. Throughout those years I experienced a number of different job opportunities. The last 35 years were in Orthopedics.

Karen Logue used to volunteer in the Salisbury Donor Center. Here she relieves Marie Witt in the canteen for the next shift.

Q How did you become the co-lead volunteers for BBD’s Dagsboro Donor Center?

Michelle: The former lead volunteer needed some time away and asked for anyone interested to co-lead with her. I was comfortable taking on the role since I had been in volunteer management for almost 30 years!

Karen: I recently volunteered to co-lead with Michelle. She is awesome to work with and it has been a great experience.

Q What is the secret to success in providing guidance to other volunteers?

Michelle: To meet them where they are. All volunteers come from different backgrounds with different experiences. You should make it enjoyable for them.

Karen: Ditto.

Q Do you enjoy training new volunteers?

Michelle: I enjoy training new volunteers because they are anxious to get started and get involved.

Karen: Yes, training new volunteers is an important step and I’ve always enjoyed that aspect of any job. I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my time with the donors, staff and fellow volunteers.

Q Do you have any friends or family who needed a transfusion?

Michelle: Our family has been lucky that we haven’t  had anyone who needed a transfusion.

Karen: No.

Q What about your rapport with donors? How would you describe your interaction with them?

Michelle: I admire so many of the donors we see on a regular schedule. I really enjoy interacting with the donors. I want to let them know how much we appreciate their gift and the time it takes to donate.

Karen: Probably the best part of being a part of the team is the chance to talk with donors and feel like you’re helping to make their experience a success.

Michelle Slafkosky and Karen Logue work with Donor Registration Specialist Sherry Bryant and Blood Collection Techs Kate Keller and Mayra Colunga-Lopez.

Q Do you have a favorite phlebotomist and donor?

Michelle and Karen: We can’t name one favorite phlebotomist, they are all great. There is a great group at Dagsboro that work together as a team and they really seem to enjoy working together! 

Q What do you think about being in the field of blood collection in general?

Michelle: I’m glad to be volunteering where the little bit I can do might be helping someone in need.

Karen: I always expected to volunteer after I retired and the Blood Bank has been the perfect opportunity. The position is enjoyable, the donors are great, the staff are appreciative and I feel my contribution is important.

Thank you, Karen and Michelle. We appreciate all that you do, and happy National Volunteering Month.