OCEAN VIEW, Del. – Ocean View Brewing has officially joined the Blood Bank of Delmarva’s Blood for a Brew Summer Tour.

Ocean View Brewing worked with BBD Account Manager Bryan Shepherd to book 19 donors at their first blood drive, held at picturesque Bear Trap Dunes on a sunny Monday, June 19.

Supervisor, Collections Madeline Hernandez, Bloodmobile Driver Ty McCall and Blood Collection Techs Alyssa Dickerson, Tee Ramos and Toni Ruggiero worked at a steady pace with time for a lunch break at the midpoint of this draw, i.e., 3 p.m.

Among those donors was Chris Coyle, who was notified via email that this blood drive was occurring at his home in Ocean View. The Town of Ocean View is adjacent to lovely Bethany Beach.

“I started donating twenty years ago because a coworker needed transfusions regularly,” Chris said. “They started doing blood drives at work, and I’ve been doing it ever since. And I’ve got O negative blood, which is needed.”

Dick Pool also donated because it had been eight weeks since he donated.

“I donate whenever I can. I just saw it online. It was close to my home, so I came over,” Dick said. “It’s just my way of giving back. It’s an easy way.”

The drive also attracted a few walk ins, including local resident Robert Dobusin.

“I was driving by to hit some golf balls, and I saw the truck,” said Robert, who has O positive blood. “I went home to get my I.D. on my bike. It’s the best thing to do,” he said of donating blood. “I’m retired now. I really have to put this on my calendar for at least twice a year.”

Thank you, sir. And thanks to all the donors, staff and Ocean View Brewing for making this drive happen.

The drive may have been small, but Director, Donor Resources Nicole Pineault said the type O donors made the six-hour draw worth every minute.

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