The Blood Bank of Delmarva’s Christiana Donor Center may look the same, but the newly revamped customer service focus might have you wondering if it’s the same place it was just a year ago. Indeed, it is a much different place than it has been in the past. 

We are anxious to welcome you back to the Christiana Donor Center, where we promise to serve you with an energetic, positive staff, focused on giving you a pleasurable donor experience.  

Executive Director, Steve Corse and Director, Donor Services Megan Johnson are eager to show off our energetic customer service-oriented staff! 

“These are exciting times at The Blood Bank of Delmarva and I look forward to the growth and development we are going to experience in the coming months and years,” said Steve, who is also Director, Human Resources. 

It also helps that BBD Phlebotomists empathize with the mission.  

For instance, phlebotomist Julia Seichepine’s mother passed away from cancer and one of her best friends passed away after a serious car accident. 

“My mother had plenty of blood transfusions,” stated Julia. “That’s why I do it because I see the effect that it’s had on people. It’s good talking to the donors that come and are willing to do a good thing. It’s a good environment altogether.” 

In addition, all the phlebotomists have rallied around fellow phlebotomist, Joy Delucia, who has battled breast cancer. She received one transfusion of A positive blood. 

“I had energy, but once I received that transfusion it made a world of difference,” Joy said. “I was up and ready to go after just one unit. It really made me appreciate what we do on another level.” 

Phlebotomist  Munira Shackleford received transfusions in the past, so she can relate. “I didn’t understand it at the time,” stated Munira. “Now, after working here [since February], I do. And without the donors, we would be nothing.” 

Come see us and experience the new Christiana Donor Center, which is serving you with a renewed enthusiasm and a focus on making your donation a wonderful experience. 

“The staff truly creates a positive, motivating, and morale-boosting culture,” Blood Collection Tech Daisy Tannen added. 

The renewed emphasis on the enhanced donor experience comes from NYBCe President and CEO Christopher Hillyer, MD, and Chief Operating Officer Adrian David who have implemented plans to ensure donors have a “delightful experience,” particularly with young and first-time donors, to ensure a robust future of collections. They are our benefactors, and they deserve nothing but the best.