Nina Bond and her family.

Nina Bond raised over $700 for the Blood Bank of Delmarva in memory of her father using Facebook’s fundraiser feature.  She wanted to give back to the organization that helped extend her father’s final days with his family.  Nina’s father Chuck Dover was in good shape, but his health took a sudden turn after he got the flu.  No one could have predicted he’d be in the ICU of Christiana hospital for over 40 days.  There, he bravely fought an aneurysm in his spleen, pneumonia, and respiratory failure.  Doctors told the Bond family he was the sickest patient at the hospital.

Nina explained, “He wouldn’t have survived as long as he had without receiving over 100 blood transfusions.”  Blood transfusions gave Chuck a chance to heal but his lungs couldn’t recover.  The Bond family’s loss is tragic and reminds us why maintaining our blood supply is so vital.  Hospitals need a high amount of blood products to be ready for any surprise health emergencies.  Blood donors give patients a shot at recovery and more time with loved ones.  Nina and her family urge new donors to give back and aid current patients the same way Chuck was supported.