Tommy Kenney - blood donor

Tommy Kenney of Wilmington, DE has been a regular platelet and whole blood donor since 1997. During that time a good friend from high school and sister-in-law were both diagnosed with cancer. “It’s frustrating watching people suffer because you want to help. Donating blood is the one way I could contribute to their fight against the disease” says Tommy.

Later in 2010, his brother Huey was diagnosed with leukemia. This only reinforced his commitment to giving back. “I’ve seen firsthand how platelets rejuvenate a person. It’s an amazing gift to be able to help a cancer patient feel physically better.” He urges those who are unsure about donating to talk to a cancer patient or survivor and ask how blood transfusions helped them. As for the process of donating, he said “the experience is great, you watch a movie or TV, you get waited on and you’re treated like a star.”