SALISBURY, MD – It has been challenging to recruit blood donors this summer, but the Blood Bank of Delmarva’s Salisbury Donor Center had a nice schedule on Wednesday, August 9 with 40 of 65 appointments filled and one walk-in.

Among the donors was Claire Rush, who said donating blood is a great way to give back to the community that does not take a lot of time. She filmed a short video with us to help get more young people like herself to donate blood.

While we had our equipment out we also filmed a short segment with Generation Xer Steve Markle, who spoke about the health benefits of donating blood. He calls it “an oil change” for him every two months. Thank you, Steve.

In addition, we would be remiss if we did not mention whole blood donors Ruth Campbell, Linda Wiles and Noreen Goslee.

Ruth saw the Facebook post about being able to come to the Blood Bank of Delmarva during the power outages caused by the recent storms.

“I said they must be hard up,” she said. “Let me go ahead and come in.”

Meanwhile, Linda Wiles was a walk-in. Thanks for coming in, Linda.

As for Noreen Goslee, she left a voicemail on BBD Communications Specialist Tony Prado’s office phone to let the Salisbury Donor Center know she was running late. She recognized Tony’s voice on Wednesday as he photographed and filmed donors and staff.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Blood Collection Techs Dinnell Marshall and Shondea Bivens for doing an outstanding job with the social media videos we filmed. And thank you to Supervisor, Collections Dawn West, Account Manager Bryan Shepherd, Blood Collection Techs Holly Wilson and Carlie Daniels and Donor Registration Specialist Donna Littleton for their hospitality on Tuesday.

We’ll see you in autumn, if not sooner. Note, the Anchor on the Roof event in Salisbury has been scheduled for October 26 with WBOC DelmarvaLife correspondent Katie Zarrilli. We’re going to have a blast.