LEWES, Del. – Big Oyster Brewer repeated its incredible performance a year ago by booking 36 appointments at the latest Blood for a Brew Summer Tour draw held Tuesday, June 20.

In fact, it was one more appointment than last year’s 35 donors who showed up on the Summer Solstice. And today’s steamy performance was nearly double the previous day’s solid effort of 19 appointments at Bear Trap Dunes.

Blood Bank of Delmarva Account Manager Ralph Groves hopes blood drive coordinator Shayne Blankenship keeps doing whatever he is doing to make this blood drive successful consistently. Shayne is the manager at Big Oyster Brewery.

“I know Delaware needs blood. We all need blood. Why not help?” Shayne has said.

The Blood for a Brew Summer Tour is coordinated by BBD Director, Donor Resources Nicole Pineault and the Account Managers to ensure summer collections keep pace with hospital orders.

Matt Grajewski was among the whole blood donors who donated on the M5 Bloodmobile parked outside of Big Oyster Brewery.

“This is the first time I’ve donated here,” Matt said. “We split our time between here and Wilmington. I haven’t been able to donate upstate because of my schedule. I saw they were doing one here. I don’t do much for my fellow man, but I do this. And, I get cookies out of the deal.”

Cara Hughey, a friend of BBD Vice President Emily Cunningham, donated as well with Supervisor, Collections Jesse Latham.

“I’m O positive and I know I can help a lot of people,” Cara said. “This particular donation is because I have friends who recently needed blood.”

Linda Gregory donated at Big Oyster Brewery with Blood Collection Tech Toni Ruggiero.

“My doctor said there was a call for blood, and my blood looks good. You could go donate blood,” Linda said.

For Edgar Johnson, today’s blood drive was the first date was worked out for him after some previous setbacks. He donated with Blood Collection Tech Ava Pembroke.

“I used to donate at Tanger,” he said. “I liked it. Normally, we’re in Newark, but we’re here in the summertime.”

Richard Focht decided to donate today at Big Oyster Brewery because it had been four months since he last donated.

“As long I can, I’ll donate,” Richard said.

Warren and Donna Garrison donated along with Donna’s sister, Charlotte Piegaro.

“When my sister said they’re doing it at the restaurant, I said, shoot, I’d rather go there,” Donna said. “I’m O negative, and he’s O positive so they’re constantly calling us.”

Like her sister, Charlotte is the universal donor.

“I told them how great this place is,” she said. “I’ve come here for years. I love Fins too. I’m O negative, and they call me all the time. I try to give every 56, 60 days.”

The Blood for a Brew Summer Tour will return to Big Oyster Brewery on August 22. Donors and Charlotte, Donna and Warren plan to come back for the second stop this summer.

Thank you for the support. As Al Whitney would say, you donated life today.

And thank you to our hardworking staff, including Blood Collection Techs Alexa Ciriano and Alyssa Dickerson and Bloodmobile Driver Randy Husbands.

Keep saving lives!