DOVER, Del. – ​​​​​​​U.S. Senator Tom Carper and mixture of veteran and new donors comprised the lineup of donors on the schedule at the Dover Donor Center this summer.

Blood Bank of Delmarva Vice President Emily Cunningham welcomed the senior senator from Delaware along with Press Secretary Katie Grasso and the rest of his entourage shortly after 2 o’clock on Monday, July 17.

Donating blood is something Senator Carper has enjoyed doing for years. He is closing in on five gallons.

“I’ve given blood to help a lot of other people,” he said in a short video filmed in Dover. “You can do that too. It’s a source of great joy for me, and it could be for you. So, give some blood. Thank you.”

When he was done, Senator Carper thanked all the staff members, volunteers and blood donors at the Dover Donor Center on Monday.

Speaking of gratitude, we would like to thank Blood Collection Tech Jeremy Piazza who filmed a short video as part of our Summer Social Media Project. Well done, Jeremy. This will help us get more young and first-time donors into the door.

Speaking of which, we saw a few of those on Monday in Dover. They included Sarah Hoover, who filmed a short video about how she takes after her O negative grandfather and donates in his memory.

We also ran into Frederick Facer, who donated for the third time on Monday. After driving past BBD on a regular basis, he made the decision to donate for the first time earlier this year.

James Stubbs, meanwhile, has a little more experience as he donated for the 33rd time.

As you can see, the young and first-time donors will come. We just have to make it easy to find us.

Thank you, Dover staff, and thank you, Senator Carper and all our donors.