OCEAN CITY, Md. – As Joseph “Skin” Delany donated at the Ocean City Summer Blood Drive held Wednesday, June 12, he reminisced about the event he has been part of since 2002.

Delany is a regular who has been donating at the Ocean City Blood Drive every winter since 2002, and he’s also been to every summer blood drive held here since 2021.

Three smiling blood donors.

“I remember when this was known as the Ocean City Beach Blanket Blood Drive, with all kinds of sponsors,” Delany said. “I’m just so blessed to be able to do this.”

Delany, of Ocean City, has donated four gallons. He was one of 103 donors who came to see us on Wednesday, June 12 in the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. That translated into 114 units, according to BBD Account Manager Bryan Shepherd. (Secret Phrase: BLOOD)

Local realtor Terry “King” Riley is familiar with BBD’s history in the town. Realtors such as Riley, of ShoreForU Real Estate, were heavily involved in organizing the Ocean City blood drive in the early days.

“Only 3 percent donate for the 100 percent need,” Riley said. “I’ve been in town 22 years, so I’ve been to 22 consecutive Ocean City Blood Drives. I’m the Cal Ripken of blood drives.”

His 24th donation will land him in the Galloneer Club with three gallons.

We also ran into other regulars, such as Mike Stasulli Megan Alvarado, Bill Christmas, Andrew Geiger, Lynda Denny and Brian Raschka.

“I try to catch each one of them,” said Stasulli, who’s donated four gallons.

Another faithful donor, Jackie Disheroon, was cognizant of the heightened need for blood now that school is out, and people are more active outdoors.

“The need is great in the summer,” Disheroon said.

 A number of walk-ins like Frank Tribuno and Blood Collection Tech An’Nae Bailey’s mother and sister, Andrea Bailey and Kimyada Wilson, respectively, helped offset any no-shows.

Blood Bank of Delmarva Executive Director Steve Corse personally thanked the walk-ins – and other donors – for coming in, thereby ensuring Ocean City’s ongoing success. Director, Donor Services Megan Johnson and Director, Donor Recruitment Joanna Arat gave out Lifesaver T-shirts while rebooking donors.