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Be Someone’s Hero. Give Blood.

Blood Bank of Delmarva Annual Fundraising Kicks off on #GivingTuesday

On #GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017, the Blood Bank of Delmarva will be joining the global giving movement that inspires and unites millions of people in the U.S. and around the world for one common purpose: to support and champion the causes they believe in by donating and fundraising on their behalf.
The Blood Bank of Delmarva is set to start its annual fundraising campaign to aid in fulfilling its mission to keep the Delmarva Peninsula sufficiently stocked with vital blood products necessary for emergencies and scheduled surgeries throughout the holiday season.

In 2016 BBD supplied more than 100,000 blood products to 19 hospitals throughout the Delmarva region.
It costs $70,000 per day to run operations, including blood collection, testing and manufacturing. That includes $5,000 to hold each community blood drive and $70 to collect, process and test one unit of blood. BBD has state-of-the-art lab testing facilities that ensure the blood supply in the Delmarva region is safe.
“Our mission is all about helping people like Emily Yeatman, a senior at Conrad Schools of Science, who received blood transfusions a year ago to help her combat a rare, blood disorder called hereditary spherocytosis,” BBD Chief Executive Officer John Ferretti said. “Or we can go back seven years to when Elizabeth ‘Lee Lee’ Cauffman had just graduated from Delmar High and got into a terrible accident. Blood transfusions saved her life. Both Emily and Elizabeth have their whole lives ahead of them thanks in part to our mission.

“Our work is a vital cornerstone to public health,” Ferretti said. “Your financial contribution will help us fulfill our mission. And in this month of thanksgiving, we cannot forget to thank all of our donors.”
Donors can help in a number of ways. They can donate directly to BBD by calling 1-888-8-BLOOD-8 or by going online to Make a Financial Gift. For those not in a position to give money, they can start a fundraising campaign of their own for BBD on Facebook by going to our Facebook page and clicking on Fundraisers.

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Blood Bank of Delmarva and New York Blood Center Join Forces

NEWARK, DE and NEW YORK, NY, AUGUST 2, 2017 – Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD) and
New York Blood Center (NYBC), both community-based, nonprofit blood centers,
announced today that they are merging their operations to create one of the leading blood
centers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

The new partnership brings together the complementary strengths of BBD and NYBC to
deliver a broad range of blood banking expertise that will position both organizations to
deliver next generation blood banking innovations. The merger will position BBD to better
serve its hospital network, expand its laboratory testing services and create opportunities to
participate in significant blood research projects operated by NYBC.

“This is an exceptional moment for our companies and the communities we serve,” said BBD
CEO John Ferretti. “In today’s increasingly challenging and evolving blood banking
environment it is imperative that like-minded organizations work together to improve
access to safe blood products. This merger will ensure BBD’s long-term success in a
challenging healthcare environment.”

Day-to-day operations at the companies will not be impacted. BBD will continue to operate
under its own name and will continue to serve customers in Delaware, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Maryland and elsewhere. Mr. Ferretti will continue as CEO of BBD. BBD’s
blood donors and volunteers will continue to receive the same service they’ve come to
expect from the organization, while hospital customers will have access to a broader
portfolio of blood products and services.

Christopher D. Hillyer, M.D., President and CEO of NYBC, said: “We’re extremely pleased to
be partnering with such an excellent blood center. NYBC and BBD have a remarkable
alignment of mission, vision and talent. We look forward to working together to ensure the
finest customer-focused service for our hospitals and patients. We welcome BBD to the
NYBC family.” With this merger Dr. Hillyer will become President of BBD.
NYBC is renowned for its comprehensive, sophisticated research and product development
capabilities. This will allow BBD to offer new services, skills and products throughout its
service area, including immunohematology and cellular therapy lab services that BBD
currently does not offer.

The long term goal of both organizations is to identify opportunities for collaboration as we
move forward.

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Susan – Forest Hill, Maryland

Susan Fisher celebrated living cancer-free by hosting a blood drive and spending time with her family and friends.

Susan had always been a dedicated donor, but when she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1989, she was told she couldn’t donate for at least five years after treatment.  This upset Susan because the recent cancer diagnosis only strengthened her desire to help other patients.

But years later, her commitment to giving back did not waiver.  With her doctor’s approval, she hosted a blood drive the soonest she could and donated whole blood again.  She shared this moment with her growing family and friends.

Susan is now 23 years cancer-free and has three wonderful children.  She continues to donate regularly.  Her father also developed and passed away from malignant melanoma, so she is committed to helping new cancer patients in their battles.  Since Susan is now eligible to give platelets, her goal is to make 12 donations by the end of 2017.  She even drives over an hour to donate at our Christiana location because she believes in our lifesaving mission!

Logan – Cambridge, Maryland

Logan Steward is one of many children who rely on the generosity of blood donors.  He lives with a qualitative blood platelet disorder.  Logan’s blood chemistry doesn’t function normally and platelets in his blood can’t clot to stop bleeding. Things like routine dentist and orthodontist visits must be done in a hospital because the smallest cut can turn into a bigger problem.  Logan’s aunt and Blood Bank of Delmarva volunteer, Sherye Hathaway Nickerson, explained, “A hospital is a safe place for him because donated blood is easily accessible.”

Complex surgeries are even more serious because of Logan’s blood disorder.  So when Logan was diagnosed with Pediatric Chiari malformation, a condition where fluid builds up at the base of the skull, extra precautions were taken during his corrective surgery in 2012.  He received blood transfusions from 25 platelet and blood donors before, during, and after the operation.   The Blood Bank of Delmarva is an important organization to Logan’s family because of our life saving mission.  Thanks to the selfless people who give back with our organization everyday, the blood will continue to be there for Logan and other children like him.

Nina – Wilmington, Delaware

Nina Bond raised over $700 for the Blood Bank of Delmarva in memory of her father using Facebook’s fundraiser feature.  She wanted to give back to the organization that helped extend her father’s final days with his family.  Nina’s father Chuck Dover was in good shape, but his health took a sudden turn after he got the flu.  No one could have predicted he’d be in the ICU of Christiana hospital for over 40 days.  There, he bravely fought an aneurysm in his spleen, pneumonia, and respiratory failure.  Doctors told the Bond family he was the sickest patient at the hospital.

Nina explained, “He wouldn’t have survived as long as he had without receiving over 100 blood transfusions.”  Blood transfusions gave Chuck a chance to heal but his lungs couldn’t recover.  The Bond family’s loss is tragic and reminds us why maintaining our blood supply is so vital.  Hospitals need a high amount of blood products to be ready for any surprise health emergencies.  Blood donors give patients a shot at recovery and more time with loved ones.  Nina and her family urge new donors to give back and aid current patients the same way Chuck was supported.

Tommy – Wilmington, Delaware

Tommy Kenney of Wilmington, DE has been a regular platelet and whole blood donor since 1997. During that time a good friend from high school and sister-in-law were both diagnosed with cancer. “It’s frustrating watching people suffer because you want to help. Donating blood is the one way I could contribute to their fight against the disease” says Tommy.
Later in 2010, his brother Huey was diagnosed with leukemia. This only reinforced his commitment to giving back. “I’ve seen firsthand how platelets rejuvenate a person. It’s an amazing gift to be able to help a cancer patient feel physically better.” He urges those who are unsure about donating to talk to a cancer patient or survivor and ask how blood transfusions helped them. As for the process of donating, he said “the experience is great, you watch a movie or TV, you get waited on and you’re treated like a star.”

Catherine – Newark, Delaware

Scott Hicks received many blood transfusions as he battled Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009 (cancer of the lymphatic system). Transfusions are important for cancer patients because radiation, chemotherapy treatments, and treatment-related surgeries fight cancer but also harm healthy blood counts. Patients may experience fatigue, excessive bleeding, or bruising from reduced red cell and platelet counts. Blood transfusions boost blood levels back to normal and help the patient feel better during treatment.

Scott passed away six months after his diagnosis, but the blood donations he received helped him during his fight and prolonged his last days with family and loved ones. Catherine, Scott’s wife, shows her gratitude by donating blood for current cancer patients and says it’s easy for anyone to start giving. She explained that donating at the Blood Bank of Delmarva is simple because, “the staff works around your schedule to find an appointment.” Chances are there is someone in your neighborhood battling cancer. Your donation can become the next transfusion that helps give patients a chance at recovery.

It’s A Matter of Convenience

New Approach Designed to Make Donating Easier

“The days of blood donors walking through our doors is facing the same types of challenges that retailers are finding with online competitors, it’s about convenience.”

“Donors have been telling us for a while that taking time out of their workday to donate is becoming increasingly challenging and we’re seeing it in our numbers,” said Ric Thomas, VP of Technical Services for Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD). “Our Market Street donor center in Wilmington is not serving our community as efficiently as we’d like to see, so we’ve made the decision to close that center and increase our mobile drives in the city. Since our lease expired and the building has been sold, this was a good opportunity for BBD to improve how we serve our local community.”

BBD’s history in the City of Wilmington is longstanding. Blood Bank of Delaware was established in August of 1954 by a group of Wilmington businessmen. The organization’s first offices were located on Washington Street and the 913 Market Street donor center first opened on the 9th floor in 1984. BBD moved to its current ground floor location in 2006.

“By switching to a mobile strategy we’ll have the ability to collect donations from a wider variety of the population, including those who spend a majority of their day inside their offices. This will result in increased blood donations which will benefit the over 20,000 patients we serve in area hospitals each year” says Thomas.

Blood Bank of Delmarva’s Market Street location will be open to collect blood through June 27th. Those who would like to schedule a donation appointment may call 1 888 8-BLOOD-8 or visit You can also download BBD’s mobile app and schedule an appointment on your mobile device.

Blood Bank of Delmarva has four other convenient donation centers throughout the region: Chadds Ford, PA, Salisbury, MD, Dover and Newark, DE.

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Jeff – Wilmington, Delaware

Jeff Miller discovered his anemia after his first blood donation deferral. His physician suspected an iron deficiency and recommended Jeff take supplements. However, a second blood donation deferral showed his anemia wasn’t resolving. Further investigation by Jeff’s care team revealed his condition was caused by a tumor that needed to be surgically removed.

On April 29th, 2016, Jeff experienced complications during his operation. Jeff bled excessively and doctors used seven pints of blood during the procedure to help keep him alive.  The Miller family is grateful the blood was there when Jeff needed it.  Jeff’s wife Chris explained, “I hadn’t thought he would need transfusions during the operation. It shows you never know when you’ll rely on a blood donation.”

Donating blood alerted Jeff of his health problem and donated blood helped save him during his procedure. Chris donates often to show her gratitude for the blood donors who aided her husband and Jeff plans to donate again once his physician clears him. The Miller family implores other community members to start giving back too because patients, doctors, and hospitals rely on it!

Blood Bank Announces New CEO

Former Board Chair Moves to Executive Office

John Ferretti, the immediate past Chairman of the Board of Blood Bank of Delmarva (BBD), has been chosen to lead the organization as its next President and Chief Executive Officer.  The announcement was made today by the Board’s Vice Chair, Michael Franklin, President and CEO of Atlantic General Hospital.

“Following an extensive search for a new leader, we found the most qualified candidate was already part of the team overseeing the organization,” said Franklin.  “John has the ability, knowledge and expertise to continue to guide the Blood Bank of Delmarva’s transformation into the future.”  Ferretti replaces Roy Roper, who announced last September his intentions to retire at the end of March.

John brings to the position over 25 years of executive and entrepreneurial leadership experience as a performance-driven CEO, board director and private investor.  He is known for his ability to identify and spearhead profitable business opportunities, transform operational processes, and secure capital for manufacturing and technology companies.  “I look forward to working with the BBD team and serving our Delmarva Community,” noted Mr. Ferretti.

In addition to his work with BBD, John serves on the boards of the Visiting Nurses Association of Christiana Care Health System and the ARC Angel Fund.  He received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University and his MBA from Monmouth College in New Jersey.

John will officially begin his duties as President and CEO at BBD on April 1.

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